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Classic Ring Designs That Transcend Eras

Despite the vast variety of ring styles available, there are some designs that stand out as classic. These styles evoke the majesty of old-world romance and embody the timeless beauty of enduring commitment. From simple bands to elegant engagement rings, these classic ring designs offer a touch of elegance and sophistication that transcends eras.

A solitaire ring is one of the most iconic classic designs in any jeweler’s inventory. This minimalist style features a single center stone with no other gems to distract from its brilliance and fire. This classic ring design is a perfect choice for brides who want to showcase the beauty of a VRAI created diamond or natural gemstone and celebrate the love they share with their partner.

The pave or micro-pave setting is another classic ring Calgary diamond shop design that emphasizes a gemstone’s sparkle. The stones are carefully placed closely together on the ring’s surface, giving it a shimmering appearance similar to that of a snowflake. This glitzy setting is also a good option for a bridal band, as it can be worn with other ring styles and is also stackable.

A sister to both the solitaire and pave settings, the halo setting encases a center diamond or gemstone in a “halo” of smaller stones, making it appear larger and more luminous. This stately design has found popularity among brides who prefer a ring that is both modern and traditional.

Like a solitaire, the bezel and cathedral settings are classic ring designs that showcase the beauty of a VRAI created or natural diamond or gemstone. These classic ring designs also provide a stronger emphasis on metalwork with arches and curves, elevating the beauty of any stone.

Many ring designs that feature intricate detailing speak to specific historical eras and the romantic flourishes of their time. From the geometric finesse of Art Deco to the flowing lines of the Victorian era, these classic ring designs evoke a sense of history and a legacy of enduring love. They often feature details like milgrain edges and filigree patterns that add a delicate charm to the pieces.

A bezel and cathedral ring are classic ring designs that showcase the beauty and strength of a gemstone or VRAI created diamond. The rim of the ring creates a protective shell around the stone, which is secured by the bezel’s metal. A bezel and cathedral ring can be adorned with various types of diamonds or gemstones, including natural and lab-created diamonds and emeralds. The bezel and cathedral ring is a timeless classic that’s easy to pair with other ring styles, such as a pave or halo setting, for extra sparkle.

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