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What Is Key Cutting?

key cutting is the process of making an exact duplicate of a lock key. It is typically less expensive than replacing a lost or stolen key, and it is faster and easier. It is also a good way to keep spare keys on hand and prevent unnecessary wear and tear on the original keys.

There are many different ways to cut keys, and the most effective one depends on the type of lock being used. Most keys can be cut using a standard key cutter, but other types may require specialized equipment and training. The key-cutting process can take minutes to hours depending on the type of lock and the complexity of the key.

To get a key cut, most people will go to a local locksmith or hardware store. Some hardware stores have key-cutting machines that can create a new key based on the key’s shape and size. Others, like locksmiths, have the specialized tools and training needed to cut even more complex keys.

For those looking to save money and time, there are many key-cutting services available online that can make keys for less. Most of these services will require some type of payment, but the savings can be worth it. However, those who are not comfortable with making payments online should be aware of the risks involved in this type of service and seek a more trusted option.

The best key cutters are able to cut almost any key, from standard house keys to car keys. They can do this by tracing the outline of the key onto a blank, or by using a code to generate an exact copy. Some of these machines can also detect wear on the original key and adjust to avoid any issues in the future.

There are also key-cutting machines that can automatically read a key and determine its factory measurements. For example, the Ilco Futura Pro can read a key’s depth and spacing to cut an identical replacement. These machines can also update their operating software and key-code databases frequently. This can make them a great choice for businesses that want to stay ahead of the curve.

A key-cutting machine can be a great investment for those who need to make a large number of keys, or who want to ensure their business’s locks are well-maintained. They can be a good option for small- to medium-sized businesses, or even for individual homeowners who need more than just a few spare keys.

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