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Wastop Backflow Valve – What Types of Valves Are Available?

If you are planning to install a backflow valve in your home, you should know what types of valves are available. You can choose from the PVC, Stainless Steel, and Access Chamber ranges. Then, you can choose the one that best suits your needs and budget. You can install this valve horizontally or vertically at either the inlet or outlet of your plumbing system.

WaStop inline check valve

Installing a Wastop inline check valve is a simple, quick and easy way to prevent backflow and protect your home and community. This stainless steel device is installed inside a pipe and only allows water to pass through, preventing seawater from entering. This valve is designed to last for twenty to twenty five years.

The Wastop inline check valve is made up of two main components: a sleeve and a pipe. The pipe may be made of stainless steel or plastic, and the sleeve is made of a specially-formulated elastomer that has excellent shape retention and chemical resistance. The valve opens automatically when the flow is needed and immediately closes to prevent backflow.

WaStop PVC range

WaStop’s PVC range of backflow valves is mainly used for sewer applications. They are ideal for controlling backflow and preventing flooding. These valves come in a wide range of sizes and can be installed inside existing pipes. The Stainless Steel range is also available.

The WaStop range of backflow valves are easy to install. These valves are designed to prevent flooding and odours. They work by preventing backflow from surcharged sewers. They can be easily installed and are suitable for most pipe types. In addition, the WaStop valve does not require electricity or constant maintenance.

WaStop Stainless Steel range

The WaStop inline non-return valve offers the best protection against backflow, flooding and odour control. It is available in standard sizes and bespoke options. It works by differential pressure and does not require electricity or human interaction. It seals immediately in the event of backflow.

The valve is made from stainless steel grade 304 and 316 and incorporates a cone-shaped chloroprene membrane. It is designed to avoid backflow in any pipe configuration. The valve is easy to install and does not require a vertical headwall. It is available in standard sizes to accommodate flow up to 8MwC and is available in special sizes upon request.

WaStop Access Chamber

If you are unsure if your plumbing system is safe from backflow, you may want to install a backflow prevention valve to make sure you are safe. There from this source are a number of different backflow prevention valves available on the market, and choosing the correct one will ensure you are safe. The WaStop Access Chamber backflow prevention valve is a great option if you are planning to install a valve in your plumbing system. This valve can prevent backflow in a number of different applications and is available in different sizes.

This valve is designed to stop backflow in a pipe and prevent flooding and sewage odors. It also prevents infiltration from small animals, insects, and flotsam from getting into the pipeline. The valve can be easily installed and provides 100% backflow protection.

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