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Swimming Pool Regulations and Balwyn Pool Fence Inspections

Pools are a staple of the Australian backyard, but they can be one of the most dangerous areas of your property. To ensure the safety of children and adults around them, it is crucial to have a well-constructed and functioning pool fence that meets the required standards set by the state government. These regulations are set in place to reduce the number of drownings that occur in Victoria each year, and it is essential to follow them closely.

To keep up with the regulations, a pool fence must be inspected by a professional every four years to obtain a Certificate of Compliance. This document is needed to lodge with council and prove that the barrier complies with state laws. During the inspection, the inspector will look at various aspects of the pool fence to see if it complies with the current regulations. These include the height, construction materials, gates, and gaps between bars and other openings.

When the inspector is satisfied that the pool fence complies with the regulations, they will issue a Certificate of Compliance, which must be lodged with council. This must be done within 30 days of the date on which the inspection was completed. The inspection must be conducted by a professional, such as a swimming pool certifier.

If the pool fence is found to be non-compliant, the inspector will list all of the matters that must be addressed in order to bring it into compliance. The pool owner must then fix the issues and have the barrier re-inspected. The certificate must be renewed every four years, but it is important to check with council for exact details.

Although pool fence regulations differ between states, they all share the same safety principles. These are designed to protect young children from accidental drowning and to prevent tragedies that could have been avoided.

While these regulations are enforceable by local governments, it is recommended that pool owners proactively engage with professional certifiers to conduct regular inspections and to ensure that the pool barrier complies with state requirements. A professional can also help you with pool safety and maintenance, and can offer solutions to problems that are found.

Pool fences in Victoria must be at least 1.2 metres high from ground level, and they should not allow gaps to form between the bars. In addition, the gate should open outwards and must have a self-closing and self-latching mechanism to prevent children from climbing or entering. The non-climbable zone should be 900mm from the inside of the fence, and it should not contain any structures, landscaping or steps that are not part of the pool area.

Tom at balwyn pool fence inspections is a VBA licensed inspector that can inspect your home’s pool or spa fence and issue you with a Certificate of Compliance. He offers a fast, reliable service in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. To learn more, contact him today!

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