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A Radiology Mistake Lawyer Can Help

With advanced medical imaging technologies such as X-rays, MRIs, and CT scans, doctors can diagnose injuries, illnesses, and diseases at the very earliest stages. These technologies can save lives, allow for early and effective treatment, and prevent serious complications. However, radiology errors can occur and cause harm to patients. In such cases, victims may be able to file malpractice claims with the help of a Syracuse Radiology Mistake Lawyer.

Radiologists have extensive training and years of experience in their area of specialization. They can often identify a problem or disease on imaging tests, but this does not mean that they are immune to mistakes. When a radiologist misinterprets an image, they could fail to detect and treat an illness or injury in time, leaving the victim at risk of further complications or death.

X-rays and other medical imaging technologies can reveal a variety of health problems, including broken bones, cancer, and heart issues. Doctors use the information from these tests to diagnose and treat their patients. However, despite the advances in medical imaging, mistakes can still occur. These errors can lead to delayed or misdiagnosis, and they can lead to unnecessarily painful treatments and expensive medical bills.

In some cases, a radiologist’s mistake can be the result of a failure to follow established protocols or a breakdown in communication between different departments at a hospital or medical facility. In these cases, nurses or administrative staff can be held liable for malpractice as well.

When a radiologist’s error leads to a patient suffering from additional medical costs or lost wages, the victim might be entitled to compensation for their economic losses. In addition, if the radiologist’s misreading caused them to sustain physical or emotional distress, the victim may be entitled to receive compensation for these noneconomic damages.

A successful malpractice claim depends on showing that a radiologist owed the patient a duty to abide by professional standards, that they breached this duty, that their breach directly led to injury or harm, and that the injury or illness suffered was a foreseeable consequence of the breach. It also helps if a Syracuse Radiology Mistake Lawyer has access to the actual images from a patient’s medical records and can demonstrate that there is a direct causal relationship between the misreading and the alleged harm.

The team at Kitchel Law, PLLC, is experienced in fighting for clients who have been harmed by radiology errors. We have the resources to obtain official copies of medical records and imaging from your physician’s office or clinic and bring in expert witnesses in radiology to help prove your case. Contact us today for a consultation about your possible case. We can also provide a free initial assessment of your case. We can help you get back on your feet after a radiologist error. Call now to start the process of pursuing justice and receiving just compensation for your losses. A lawyer can answer your questions and explain your legal options.

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